Sunday, May 17, 2009

Team Contest Entry

Quilled Mom's Blooms Frame by Jmonty

"Here is my entry in the May contest. I call it 'Mom's Blooms.' The splashes of paint represent rain. The flowers are the blooms that result from a spring rain. This is what I would have given my mother had she still been with me this mother's day. I made it in her honor. I have a passion for quilling and flowers are my favorite. If only I can make a really good quilled rose!"

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Team Contest Entries

One of the fun things we do each month as a team is a contest amongst ourselves. We have a fabulous gal who picks a theme, we write a little bit about why our item fits the theme, our inspiration and a little bit about ourselves or our shop. The theme for May is Springtime, here are the first 3 quilled items that have been submitted. Please check back as more are submitted. Enjoy!

Quilled Floral Watch by Iguanamakeit

"This is my entry for our May contest! I feel it fits in with our theme for Spring/Mother's Day as it shows pretty spring flowers, and I made this for my mom as a gift. I wanted to make something pretty and useful and thought this watch perfect. 

I made the tiny flowers with 1/8" paper, which I then cut the width in half. Using tiny scissors for fringing and tweezers, I made and placed the flowers on the watchface.
My mom loved it! She lives out of state so I liked the idea of her thinking of me when she checks the time!"

Quilled NotePad/Cell Phone Holder by quillynilly

"Here is my Spring themed item for the May contest, it's my Bloom Floral Note Holder - great for cell phones or business cards also. I had two of these holders left and I've been wanting to create something with them and thought they would be great to use for this month's contest. I painted it a bright aqua color, embellished the front with 3 quilled flowers, added die cut letters for the word Bloom inside, since the flowers are all in bloom right now. The sides and back have been covered with a die cut filigree paper also with flowers and leaves. 

I'm a self taught quiller, for almost 5 years. I sell my quilled delights on etsy and a shop here in town, where I also offer quilling classes. I'm always looking for something new to create, and like everyone else, quilling calms me and I wish there were more time in my days to allow me to pursue my love of paper."

Quilled Floral Maypole by DazzlingDelight

"My Spring theme contest entry. I was brainstorming trying to come up with an idea for this month's entry and I was thinking about all the things that happen in May (Mother's Day, my mom's birthday, my wedding anniversary, Memorial Day....I could go on and on). And then it hit me! The Maypole! I've always been fascinated with the Maypole dancing and the intricate weaving that happens during the dance. I could love, at some point in my life to participate in one of these ceremonies. I'll keep my fingers crossed! 

I decorated the pole and the top with gold quilling paper. The flower wreath has roses and fringed flowers of all colors accented with a few green leaves. It is made entirely with paper and glue and lots of love and some tears and a few melt-downs!" 

Team Springtime Themed Contest

This is one of my favorite parts of our team, every month we run a contest for ourselves. We have a fabulous gal who picks a theme and we have a whole month to submit a quilled item. This month we're also adding a little description about our item and ourselves; and we've also decided to post them here for everyone to see - which is a treat for everyone since some of these items aren't necessarily in our shops. Throughout the month of May the contest entries will be posted with their descriptions, please take the time to view and read about each and enjoy! I'll announce the winner later.