Saturday, June 12, 2010

Nature's Beauty Challenge - Dazzling Delight

Dazzling Delight delights us with her quilled designs! Dazzling's designs are often dainty and graceful. She does especially well with 3D figures - all twirled with paper! Her entry to the Papertwirlies' Team Challenge, "Nature's Beauty" is along the graceful lines:

This is an amazing way to create a lasting treasure for the new couple! Dazzling Delight says, "I love flowers! They cheer me up and just make me so happy!" Weddings are happy occasions so this tribute to nature suits this kind of event perfectly!

About Dazzling Delight:
I am obsessed with paper! It might be an unhealthy obsession....but it just makes me happy! I think the best gifts I ever receive are giant packets of paper! The possibilities are endless. Tis the season for weddings....I just celebrated my 7th wedding anniversary with my hubby! I love quilling wedding invitations...I think it's my favorite quilling to do (although I never quilled my own wedding invitation!!) It's my go-to gift whenever I get invited to a wedding. It's completely one-of-a-kind!!

Dazzling Delight has a Bachelors degree in Studio Art and her very
favorite medium to work with is paper. She was introduced to paper quilling around the age of 13 and has been fascinated ever since!

To get some of her quilled wonders for your own, visit Dazzling Delight on Etsy!

The Etsy Paper Twirlies Team enjoyed being inspired by nature for this challenge. We hope we have shown you how well nature can be reproduced on paper - twirled paper, that is!