Saturday, April 2, 2011

Shower Drops Paper Quilled Earrings by Quilly Nilly

The third entry in the Papertwirlies Etsy Team Challenge, Spring Wake Up!, is by Quilly Nilly. Quilly Nilly has bright, playful, cheery designs. She has chosen to pamper us with these Shower Drop earrings. That's one way to make you wake up with a smile! Here's what she has to say about her entry:

"The first thing I do every morning after waking up is to take a very long, very hot shower. I have two children, two dogs and a husband; needless to say I don't have enough ME time; well I do when I'm in my shower. It gives me time to think about my day ahead and to be somewhere peaceful and quiet. All that and I come out smelling fabulous!"

Quilly Nilly's entry is two-fold: not only was it inspired by a morning shower, but it can also mean April showers bring May flowers!  These earrings might be just the thing for Mother's day.

A little about Quilly Nilly:
"I accidentally discovered quilling 7 years ago this May. I was researching something on the internet, ended up on Martha Stewart's website where I saw the coolest paper ribbons - done with quilling. I went to the local Michael's store on my lunch break, purchased papers, tools and a book and taught myself to quill and haven't stopped much since.

I try to be original with my designs, which could be in the colors I use or the style that something is created. I tend to work in brighter contemporary colors but will sometimes go through a phase of more traditional colors which are a nice change and seem to appreciated just as much. I love how quilling calms me, which people don't believe when they see what is actually required to twirl paper and create an item but it does. I love the problem solving part of quilling too - I've got a sketch now how many strips and how long do they need to be to look like what I'm envisioning - sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I keep a notebook with all my dimensions just in case I need to go back 6 months or more and re-create something."

You can learn more about Quilly Nilly and her love of paper on the Quilly Nilly Blog, and on her Facebook Page where you can get updated info on new shop items or sales.