Wednesday, August 31, 2011

For the Sports Lovin' Ladies!

CurlyQuills has launched her new line of Sports Chick earrings!  Now you can show your team spirit "a la mode".  Here's what Jamie has to say about her new line:

Rah rah ree! Kick ‘em in the knee! Rah Rah rass! Kick ‘em in the.... other knee!

While visiting family at my dad’s house over thanksgiving, I was immensely bored at the amount of football games he insisted on watching – it seemed as though there was a game on every minute of the day. While I sat at the dining table with various colors of paper strewn about, I decided to make football more enjoyable to me; a sports chick was born.

I began first by making blue (turquoise) and red, as well as blue and yellow. I believe it was a college game day, and Michigan was playing, so I started with their colors, and the colors of the rival team (which I can’t tell you the name of because I am not a football watcher). I then ventured on to other colors I could think of: red and white for the Detroit Red Wings, Green and White for Michigan State, and so on.

The majority of the earrings are named after people I know based on how they’re connected to each particular group of colors. For instance, my sister Abby is a huge Red Wings fan, my cousin Kelly loves the Detroit Tigers, and her sister, Carrie, and daughter, Peyton, have both attended Michigan State, and are big fans as well. Doni and Stacie both went to Central Michigan University and the list can, and will, go on and on.

The sports chick line will never stop growing, as there will always be another group of colors that work together for a particular team. If a color is not listed, send me a message and I can surely make them for you. I can also complete orders of multiple sets, as long as it is a reasonable number. Being a former high school cheerleader, I would have loved to wear these for game day, and I know there are others that would love to wear them for other sports to show their team spirit at a tailgating party.

The Sports Chick line of earrings can be found on Etsy at Curly Quills or on the web at

About the earrings:

Each set is made of two different colors of quilling paper (1/8” thick) with a black center (1/16” thick). They are made as a flower, and can have either rounded or pointed petals. The flower is about ¾” tall and wide; earrings measure approximately 1 ½” long. Each pair will ship in a 2”x3” white gift box.

Each flower is suspended from silver plated brass fish hook ear wires, connected with silver plated brass findings, and are sprayed with sealant for protection (note that earrings are NOT waterproof).

Upgrade to Sterling Silver or Platinum fishhooks for $2.00 more – please send me a message before placing order.

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