Tuesday, March 10, 2009

March Blog Giveaway * Week One

Welcome to the Etsy Papertwirlies Team first blog giveaway which will run through the rest of March. Each week a unique quilled item will be given away, this weeks winner will receive a gorgeous set of metallic green and gold quilled floral embellishments from CoCo'sCreations.

We're going to keep it fairly easy, the rules are as follows:

• Visit the 9 shops that make up the papertwirlies team, and our newest addition; PaperArtPlus

•  Come back to our blog and leave a comment about your favorite quilled item and the shop that you found it in - you can have as many favorites as you'd like (we're hoping you will). Remember to include your email address so we can contact you if you're the winner.

• It's that easy, you will automatically be entered into the drawing for a free prize

• Week one will have one free gift, week two - two free gifts, and the last week will have 3 free gifts so keep coming back throughout the month of March. The contest will run from Tuesday to Saturday with the closing at 6 pm each Saturday. We ask that you only enter once per week.
Have fun browsing through our shops and good luck!


LittleElf said...

so many great creations it's hard to choose.
I love the Bug set from cocoscreations, The Wind Quilled Paper Girl from DazzlingDelight, the Grey Mountain Rock Dragon from EnsorcelledMinds, the Quilled Holly Gift Tags from IguanaMakeIt, the Glittery Quilled Butterfly Card from jmonty, theMiniature framed bluebells from PaperArtPlus, the pink flowered paper quilled cards from prettyquilly, the Roses Keepsake Box from quillynilly, and the Snowflake Garland from QuintQuill. ^_^

Love it all, great work. ^_^

ToymakerElf@yahoo.com or

Linda B said...

I like the Cats Quills y cocos

quilled paper people from dazzl

quilled kitty from EnsorcelledMinds

paper quilled earrings from papaerart.

Too tired, sorry


Digital Misfit said...

I adore the Bugs Quilled Set from Cocos Creations! So cute! http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=16762364

The green & gold quilled earrings from jmonty are so cool. Gorgeous design that would be so light and comfortable to wear!


Aik said...

I love the Quilled Dragonflies from Coco's Creations, Enchanted Rose - Necklace Pendant or Scrapbook Embellishment from DazzlingDelight,So Sweet Lamb- Single Handmade Greeting Card from EnsorcelledMinds, Quilled Special Paper Poinsettia Flower from IguanaMakeIt, Elegant Spring Tags Large from Monty,PaperQuilling&More, Art Tile Coaster - Pink Daisy from PaperArtPlus, Set of 4 - Paper quilling flower cards from PrettyQuilly, Birdhouse Magnet Pale Orange from QuillyNilly, and the Snowflake Garland from QuintessentialQuilling.

My, what a long list of favourites!


Cristina Hurley Jewelry Design said...

This is a pretty craft, I never heard of it before!
Here are my favorites!
Snowflake Garland- QuintQuill
Apple Tree Magnet-QuillyNilly
Green and Gold Quilled Earrings- jmonty
LAst but not least- my FAVORITE:
RED FLAME DRAGON - Dragon Kin - Scrapbook or Card Embellishment- EnsorcelledMinds
you can contact me at:

w said...

wow. the red flame dragon by ensorcelledminds is amazing. and cute. but oh so rawr.

and oh my goodness. the quilled people by dazzlingdelight. wowo. just wowo.

thanks for a great giveaway.

wendiwinn on etsy.

StarMountainDreams said...

I have too many favs to mention! here are a few:

Quilled Pastel Flowers from cocoscreations

OOAK Roses Keepsake Box Crimson and Dusty Rose
from quillynilly

Quilled Card - Set of 2
from DazzlingDelight

Elegant Spring Tags Large
from jmonty (esp the blue flower one!)

Set of 4 - Paper quilling flower cards (esp the pink ones)
by prettyquilly

These are only a few of my favs from this team!

I can be contacted through my etsy shop- StarMountainDreams
(see my blogger profile- "my webpage")