Saturday, March 26, 2011

School Boy by Dazzling Delight

Time for our second entry for the PaperTwirlies Spring Wake Up challenge!  This week, we are showcasing Dazzling Delight paper quilling on Etsy.  Her 3D paper quilled school boy is a true amazement.  Here's what the artist, Beth, has to say about her morning routine:

"My son started kindergarten this year. It was quite tramatic for me, but he is thriving and LOVES it!! My mornings are sometimes a bit hectic (when I accidently hit that szooze one too many times!) but it's such a joy to see my son enjoying school and his teachers and friends!"

This paper quilled boy sculpture is so detailed, right down to his rock star sneakers, his little lunch box and his new backpack with zippers and hanging straps and all!

About Dazzling Delight:
I started paper quilling when I was around 13 years old. My great-aunt, who was a nun intriduced me to the art. I went to the library found all the books I could on the topic (I think it was 2 books!) and spent the rest of the afternoon hand cutting construction paper into long strips. My creations then were quite sad, but I was so proud of myself! Years later, I am still quilling and I love it just as much (maybe even more because I don't have to hand cut my strips of paper anymore!)

To see more of her creations, visit the Dazzling Delight paper quilling store on Etsy!

If this week is about the kiddos, next week is all about *you* looking and feeling pretty! Stay tuned for next time when we will show you a challenge entry from Quilly Nilly!


chillin with Quillin said...

Wow such detail, love it, checked out her Etsy shop and she really is good. thanks for sharing with us!

Fairy Cardmaker, Lisa said...

I love the attention to detail. I can see there is lotsa love for this boy!

Quilly Nilly said...

He is too cute. I love the details on his backpack, lunchbox and his sneakers and her photo with the little school bus is awesome.

DazzlingDelight said...

Thanks guys!!

Unknown said...

Because I admire your work so much, I've awarded you on my blog! Come and pay me a visit to see it!:)

Diana from Happy Quilling