Saturday, October 1, 2011

Breast Cancer Awareness

Women in the United States get breast cancer more than any other type of cancer except for skin cancer. It is second only to lung cancer as a cause of cancer death in women.
Each year it is estimated that nearly 200,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer and more than 40,000 will die. Approximately 1,700 men will also be diagnosed with breast cancer and 450 will die each year.
October is known as breast cancer awareness month, a few members of the Papertwirlies Team have products that will have portions of the proceeds donated to help in the fight against breast cancer. Please take time to visit and possibly purchase any of these items to help with such a great cause. 
Curly Quills has her Raising Awareness section which feature these lovely earrings and cute quilled hope pin. From September 15 – October 31, 50% of the proceeds from the sale of these items will go to charity in support of breast cancer awareness, support, research, and help to find a cure. She will also have 10% off other "pink" items in her store, and you'll also receive FREE Shipping during this time (US only - Everywhere else $1.00 shipping).


Barbara's Beautys shop features a breast cancer awareness section with a variety of items ranging from jewelry to Christmas ornaments. During the month of October, 25% of the proceeds from all pink items in her shop will be donated to Breast Cancer Awareness.


Quilly Nilly's breast cancer awareness section features cute owl magnets (save the hooters) and paper pots. A portion from the sale of all these items will be donated to help in breast cancer research. 

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