Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Paper Twirlies People - Dazzling Delight

Beth of Dazzling Delight has a Bachelors Degree in Studio Art. She has explored all sorts of mediums but has a special passion for paper! Here's a little feature of this Paper Twirly Person!

Tell us a little about yourself, your store, and your crafts.

"Dazzling Delight started out not as an Etsy Paper Quilling store, but a beauty salon in backyard. I was 8 years old and I charged 25 cents to polish fingernails. My customers were my mother and granmother. Needless to say The Dazzling Delight Beauty Salon did not last very long....alas, I stuggled to pay my bills on such a meager salary. When I discov
ered Etsy I was trying to coming up with a clever little name for my store and my husband had the answer!! Dazzling Delight was reborn! My little business is still not paying the bills....but it is SO MUCH FUN, that I just don't care!"

What role does art/crafts play in your life?

"I have been crafting all my life. My mom and I would make our own paper dolls when I was little. I've dabbled in all sorts of crafts from jewlery making to sculpture to candlemaking to paper mosaic. I love paper though. Paper is my passion!!"

How were you introduced to paper quilling?

"My great-aunt who is a nun, although she passed away a few years ago, sent my brother his graduation announcement to him as a present and it was framed with all these swirls and curls around it. I went to the library to investigate and came home with a stack of books. For the next few days I was there with my head buried in one of those bo
oks with a stack of construction paper, ruler and scissors by my side. Depsite my endless begging to get rid of it, my mom still has my first attempts at paper quilling!"

How long have you been paper quilling?

"16 years (oh my!!)"

What is your favourite quilling artform/technique?

"I love 3D quilling. One of the first books I got had a cute lit
tle clown in it holding a bunch of balloons. I tried everything else in the the book and it was finally down to that clown!! I was pleased with the way it turned out and made a little person to look like my boyfriend (now my husband). He would still have his little mini-me to this day if that cat hadn't dscovered it. I found that little paper head rolling around the floor.....a GREAT cat toy!!"

In your eyes, what makes your quilling unique?

"I guess just the fact that it's 3D makes it unique!"

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