Sunday, September 20, 2009

Paper Twirlies People - Ensorcelled Minds

Lisa of Ensorcelled Minds loves nature and animals and tries to recycle everything else to make up for her paper addiction! Her other passion is writing, here's a little feature of this Paper Twirly Person!

Tell us a little about yourself, your store, and your crafts.
Ensorcelled Minds Inc. was born from my love of paper. I've been a paper addict since I was a child. Once introduced to scrapbooking, card-making was a natural extension. My favourite embellishment are die-cuts but I love the dimension that paper quilling can bring to card and page layouts too.

How did it become a store? Well, I wanted to help some small-time charity without having to commit to fixed, regular hours. So, I what I do is dream up card kits and teach them in workshops where half the workshop fee goes to the charity. The exercise of thinking up dozens of card layouts is what lead me to selling online.

A lot of people ask me, what does "ensorcelled" mean? Generally speaking, it means "hypnotized by means of sorcery" or "under a spell". That's exactly what I am when I'm in my scraproom!!

What role does art/crafts play in your life?
Paper crafting is definitely a creative release for me. I am a Chartered Accountant by profession. Scrapbooking suits me well because it both serves to document events in my life as well as be a creative outlet! I've just branched out from there."

How were you introduced to paper quilling?
I took a class at Michaels: The crafting superstore."

How long have you been paper quilling?
I've been quilling for almost two years."

What is your favourite quilling artform/technique?
"I enjoy just regular, basic quilling for my scrapbooking and card-making. While I am impressed by 3D and tapestry quilling, it's just not in me!"

In your eyes, what makes your quilling unique?
I use cardstock for my quilling which doesn't bend as smoothly as quilling strips. It is also thicker than quilling strips. I think this gives my quilling a more primitive and bold shape. That impression and the fact that I use only basic shapes, makes my quilling simple. You can tell from my work that I like the simple and de-cluttered look. It's just my style!"

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