Sunday, May 30, 2010

Nature's Beauty Challenge: Quilly Nilly

Quilly Nilly designs fun and fresh quilled treasures. All her handcrafted quilled items have a light and whimsical feel. Here is her entry to the Papertwirlies' Team Challenge, "Nature's Beauty":

This quilled container proudly displays Nature's Beauty in the form of a paper quilled bee pollenating a flower so that many more flowers will grow one day! The little box took a total of 44 (!!) strips and the bee is a Quilly Nilly first.

About Quilly Nilly:
I concept, sketch, quill and create every item in my shop, so you are guaranteed to find unique, creative, intricate, one of a kind quilled delights.

Here's how you can see more of Quilly Nilly's fantastic paper art:
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I hope you enjoyed this challenge entry! I know the Papertwirlies did!

1 comment:

DazzlingDelight said...

I can just imangine leaving a little bitty treasure inside! I love it!!!