Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Nature's Beauty Challenge - Ensorcelled Minds

Over the next few weeks we will be featuring the creative solutions from the Paper Twirlies team for our "Nature's Beauty" challenge. This week please take a look at Ensorcelled Minds' clever note pad holder.

Tell us how your item fits the theme: "Nature's Beauty"
Doggies are part of the animal kingdom, which is all natural! Plus I used earthy browns with the main colour being a dark, java bean brown.

I make greeting cards because I think keeping in touch in a physical form has greater sentiment than the digital form. People are tactile and a message they can hold in their hands is innately more memorable.

I decided to make these note pad holders because I am the Sticky Note Queen! I leave them in plain sight to ensure I remember things. You'll find them stuck to: the range over the stove, the computer monitor, my pillow... you name it! For all the people like me who are "note-to-self memory challenged", this is for you!

To view her shop and other lovely and original quilled goodies please follow the link below


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